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Internship Testimonials

I enjoyed working for a company that had nothing to do with my career interest as it allowed me to discover a new career path, step out of my comfort zone, and meet goal-driven and hard-working individuals.

Samantha S, Summer 2021 Intern at CultHealth

I really enjoyed the work atmosphere. Everyone was super welcoming and nice, and willing to answer all my questions. They were determined that I benefited from the experience as well: constantly asking if I’m learning and working on the topics that I wanted to.

Danny D, Summer 2021 Intern at POCN

First and foremost, I loved that I was even given an opportunity to work with MVP that helped me gain my internship.

— Francis Alexa M-D, Summer 2021 Intern at Fingerpaint

I enjoyed having access to an expansive network of professionals who hold power and decision-making responsibility in NYC government. Throughout my internship, I had the chance to connect with lawyers, policy analysts, executives, etc. and build a potentially long-term, strong relationship with them.

Ishrat J, Summer 2022 Intern at
The NYC Mayor’s Office