A personalized process, right from the start

MVP is centered around you and your goals and expands outward to others in the community

At the start of your career, we help with:

  • Resume writing
  • Interviewing and networking skills
  • Exposure to professional opportunities through paid internship placements and expanding network connections
  • Leadership development to ensure highest performance is achieved

Throughout your career development, we provide support with:

  • Continued mentorship to ensure career progression
  • Highlighting the values of equal opportunity
  • Creation of a network of executives and leaders to be sponsors to help with career progression
  • Financial wellness and literacy, including equity in pay scales and help with salary negotiations

When you are well established in your career, we continue to help you and others in the program by:

  • Creating a platform for MVPs, mentor executives and leaders, and donors to pay it forward; MVPs add value in their community
  • Providing a public platform for MVPs as well as mentors, coaches, sponsors, and donors to share their personal stories and amplify their own personal brand
  • Leveraging PR and social media to spread awareness of the program, encouraging others to join the movement